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AMD’s Next-Gen Ryzen CPUs Enter Mass Production

Zen 5 "Granite Ridge" Coming much sooner than you think!

It is (almost) official, AMD started the mass production of its new Zen 5 powered desktop CPUs.

These processors will be compatible with the AM5 CPU socket therefore compatible with the existing 600-series motherboards.

Every single tech news portal out there is predicting a Q3/Q4 release time period for the release of AMD’s next gen ZEN 5 “Granite Ridge” desktop CPU.

Well, in my not so humble opinion, and since AMD started the mass production of its new desktop CPU, I predict a much closer launch date.

I for-see that this new generation of AMD desktop processors will hit our favorite tech stores no later than August 2024.

AMD Desktop CPU Roadmap (Image credit: AMD)
AMD Desktop CPU Roadmap (Image credit: AMD)

Why am I so sure about this? Well, between Intel’s refresh line up of processors (14th Gen Core CPUs) and NVIDIA recent release of its RTX GeForce 4000 Super family of GPUs, AMD is in need of some big news to retain its hard earned market share!

And its Granite Ridge brand new AM5 powered architecture is exactly what it needs to do so!

I therefore predict an EXCITING summer ahead!



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