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Nvidia is introducing three RTX 40-series SUPER cards this month that offer more performance at price points that are similar or better than existing cards. Offering a long awaited relief to gamers which suffered from inflated price ever since the 2016 Crypto-mining boom.

Nvidia is replacing its RTX 4080 GPU with the RTX 4080 Super and cutting the price to $999 when it launches on January 31st.

RTX 4080 replaced by the RTX 4080 SUPER slashing price to $999, and launching on January 31st.


The $200 price cut will put a lot of pressure on AMD’s Radeon RX 7900 XT ($899) and XTX ($999) cards.

The RTX 4070 Super will launch almost two weeks earlier, on January 17th priced at $599 and the RTX 4070 Ti Super, on January 24th at $799. Nvidia is also phasing out the RTX 4070 Ti but keeping the RTX 4070 around at a lower $549 price point.

RTX 4080 Super

Unlike its RTX 4080 predecessor, the RTX 4080 Super comes with a full AD103 chip, translating in more CUDA cores, and a faster memory bandwidth (736 GB/s). It comes with the same 16GB of G6X RAM. Total power draw will peak at about 320 Watts.

The real-life performance gain is not clear yet, but we can expect anywhere from 1% to 5% increase depending on games and application.

The overall market segment targeted here is the users who did not upgrade when the RTX 4080 was initially launched last year. NVIDIA does hope that the significant price drop as well as a symbolic performance gain will get them to pull the trigger and finally upgrade.

RTX 4070 Ti Super

The biggest specs upgrade comes with the RTX 4070Ti Super (mouth-full) which sees a significant memory increase ( 16GB of G6X from 12GB previously), and as a consequence, sees its memory BUS upgrade from 192-bit to 256-bit.






Add to that more CUDA cores and you got yourself a card closing the performance gap between the RTX 4070 and the RTX 4080 family.

Its pricing remains at the RTX 4070Ti launching price ( $799 MSRP ) for an overall and more generous 10% performance bump. Definitely a better upgrade incentive.

Nvidia hasn’t had to sacrifice more power consumption to offer this improved performance, either. The RTX 4070 Ti Super will ship with the same up to 285 watts of power draw as the original, but there won’t be a Founders Edition variant of this card.

RTX 4070 Super

The bigger claim (IMHO) is Nvidia’s saying that the new RTX 4070 Super will be faster than the legendary RTX 3090 while using less power at up to a 220-watt draw. That’s only 20 watts more than the original RTX 4070, which was able to match the RTX 3080 at 1440p gaming performances. While it remains on the same 192-bit memory bus and 12GB of G6X memory, Nvidia is bumping the CUDA core count to give it a performance boost.

The RTX 4070 Super will ship on January 17th at the same $599 price point as the original, which might make it a more tempting upgrade for existing RTX 3070 or 2070 owners. Nvidia also claims there will be around a 15 percent performance increase from the original RTX 4070 to the RTX 4070 Super.

Nvidia says the RTX 4070 Super can beat the RTX 3090.

Both the RTX 4080 Super and RTX 4070 Super will be available in NVIDIA’s very own Founders Edition cards. They look mostly identical to the original variants, but Nvidia has opted for a slightly darker shade of alloy frame to make these cards stand out.

NVIDIA RTX 4080 Super Founder's Edition
NVIDIA RTX 4080 Super Founder’s Edition
NVIDIA RTX 4080 Super Founder's Edition
NVIDIA RTX 4080 Super Founder’s Edition

If you’re not interested in Nvidia’s own Founders Editions, then there will be plenty of options from third-party manufacturers like Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, PNY, and many more.


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