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What does it cost me to run this blog? hosting fees, SSL certificate, security plugins and domain name amount to about 120 USD/month.
Software licence fees such as Adobe suite and extra cloud storage cost about 90 USD/month.

And of course, I am working full time for free 🙂

Am I sponsored?

No. At this moment I do not receive or seek any revenues from the manufacturers which are mentioned on this blog.

Who is supporting me ?

Again, I ma not sponsored, and not sure I would want to be. Being independent is the only garanty of having an unbiased technical opinion on any product.

This said, I enjoy the non-monetized support of some brands and merchants, which send me, on request, some products I would want to review.

Here is who they are :


Since I moved to Lebanon, Macrotronics have been the very first merchant agreeing to lend me some of their products. They have always been there when I needed them.

They also allowed me to keep some items such as:

  • 1 set of 4 RGB fans Thermaltake.

They also sent a laptop, free of charge, to Hugo Picard, to support his YouTube Channel : The French Sailing Man.

They are an awesome bunch! If you are in Lebanon, you want to look them up!


These guys distribute a bunch of different brands in Lebanon, and I have known them mainly through and thanks to Macrotronics.

They have sent me some products, some of which they allowed me to keep and which I am using to write this very article.

  • 1 Midtower Case
  • 1 PSU (1000W)
  • 1 AIO CPU cooler
  • 1 Set of Keybaord and Mouse
  • 1 Z370 Motherboard.

Love them, thanks again for your trust and support!


These guys are also distributing a variety of brands. They allowed me to review a few of their products, and welcomed me warmly in Lebanon :).

They gave me gaming chair. The one I used on my videos.

I hope that I have been as transparent as one can be :). I shall update this page every so often. So forgive me if it is not as updated as I would want it to be.

How else can I contribute?

You can always send me some Ethereum or make a donation via my Patreon link.
Wallet : 0x0EcabD067ec31CD127Eb2Cf3a44893aaC09415BA

Or even buy some of my merchandising.


Thank you for helping me staying independent.

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