Laurent’s Awards

What are they?

A simple and distinctive way to recognize the products and components who stood out during a calendar year.

What products qualify?

Anything I reviewed on YouTube. AVD or my blog.

Are those sponsored?

No. In fact, any sponsored items are automatically disqualified from receiving any Laurent’s Choice Award.

How do they get awarded?

  • a products stands out enough,
  • out-rate its competition
  • at least 10 reviews of generally similar products have been releases on or my YouTube/AVD channel
  • It is available in retail stores
  • is not a sponsored product

Who award them?

Laurent from Laurent’s Choice.

How would a manufacturer be notified if any of its product had been awarded a Laurent’s Choice award?

By e-mail or tweet.

What are the different Awards?

There are many types and the list below is not exhaustive.

  • Laurent’s Choice Best Value Award (starting year 2017)
    • Recognize the best value for money motherboard. It takes in consideration performances,  features, build quality and durability.
      Laurent's Choice Award Best Value
      Laurent’s Choice Award Best Value



  • Laurent’s Choice Motherboard of the Year Award (starting year 2018)
    • Recognizes the best design and innovative motherboard of that year.


Laurent's Choice Award Best Motherboard of the Year
Laurent’s Choice Award Best Motherboard of the Year


  • Laurent’s Choice Z390  Award (starting year 2019)
    • Recognizes the best design for a Z390 powered motherboard.
Laurent’s Choice Z390 Award
Laurent’s Choice Z390 Award
  • When are they given out?

Typically, anywhere between the 3rd and 4th quarter of the calendar year,  provided there are enough competing reviews of the same overall component.

  • Can they be taken away and would the manufacturer be noticed?

Yes, a Laurent’s Choice award can be taken away but usually only if there are grave unforeseen issues related to the product itself, such as an unusually high rate of return or misleading advertisements coming from the manufacturer.

Manufacturer will be notified by email or Tweet from Laurent’s Choice official Tweeter account.

  • What if an already awarded product is subject of sponsoring after the fact?

That will not change the awarding status of that product. And yes, awarded products can be subject of sponsoring AFTER the award has been awarded.

  • What if I don’t agree with the Awarding results, process?

You can send an email to [email protected] for any detail request on how I have awarded a Laurent’s Choice Award.

  • What are products which have received Laurent’s Choice Awards?
    • 2017
      • Laurent’s Choice Best Value Award
        • ASUS Prime X299-A (
    • 2018
      • Laurent’s Choice Motherboard of the Year Award
        • ASUS Prime X299-DELUXE II (
    • 2019
      • Laurent’s Choice Z390 Award
        • ROG MAXIMUS XI Extreme (



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