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AMD Ryzen 9000 Desktop CPU Listed With Alienware’s R15 Gaming PC

Say what???

AMD’s next-gen Ryzen 9000 Desktop CPUs have allegedly been listed with Alienware’s R15 gaming PC as one user in China has discovered.

The real question is, how likely is it to get a CPU scheduled to be launched in late 2025 to be already mounted on current builds.

Well, not likely at all!

Despite Chiphell forum member stating that he allegedly purchased the Alienware R15 Gaming and Dell provided him a marketing letter mentioning “Alienware Desktop with AMD Ryzen 9000 Processor”. The user also alleges that this was sent out to loyal customers of the Alienware brand but if true, then it looks like either someone at Alienware had a slip of hand or accidentally mentioned something that they weren’t supposed to.

Naturally, this is either a hoax or the misguided attempt from a customer to milk a print error.

First of all, according to the latest branding convention, AMD isn’t supposed to use the 9000 naming scheme for its Ryzen CPUs until 2025. The first number denotes the year. It’s 2023 for “7”, 2024 for “8” and 2025 for “9”. This naming convention was introduced with the Ryzen 7000 Mobile lineup but should also apply to desktops.

Just yesterday, we pointed out that AMD’s Ryzen Desktop APUs for the AM5 family, codenamed Phoenix, would use the Ryzen 8000 naming scheme which would suggest a launch in 2024.

Interestingly enough, both Ryzen 8000 desktop line-ups of CPUs will share different microchip architecture:

  • Zen 5 for the Desktop CPUs.
  • Zen 4 for the Desktop APUs

AMD could make things easier by following a naming scheme similar to mobile but the latest rumors suggest that they will be using the traditional convention and not use the more elaborate naming schemes as the mobile lineup.

Ryzen 7000 “Zen 4” Mobile APU – 7940H

  • (7=2023 / 9=Segment / 4= Zen 4 Architecture / 0=Feature)

Ryzen 8000 “Zen 4” Desktop APU – 8700G

  • (8=2024 / 7=Segment / G=Integrated APU Graphics)

In short, more than a bombastic leak this is tech fake news at its best!


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