The Threadripper (and why its ripping Intel apart!)

All you need to know about the Threadripper 1950X, are 4 numbers :

16 Physical Cores

And 32 threaded. The closest Intel competitor is the Core i9-7960X which runs at a base clock of 2,8 GHz, compared to 3,4 GHz for the Threadripper 1950X.

32 MB L3 Cache

That is MASSIVE! That’s 33% more than the L3 cache proposed by the most powerful i9 CPU, the i9 7980XE, with its already VERY impressive 24,75 MB L3 Cache

64 3rd Gen. PCI-e Lanes

That’s excluding the 2 existing 3rd Gen. PCI-e lanes as well as 8 2nd Gen. PCI-e lanes already provided by the X399 chipset ( in other words, these are the PCIe lanes already provided by your motherboard). In addition, after taking in account the motherboard/CPU reserved lanes (4 taken from the CPU), we are left with at least 60 3rd Gen PCI-e Lanes provided by the Threadripper and to play with!

This is simply unprecedented and it surpasses any existing i9/X299 combinations.

In short, you can easily run a 3 way SLI or XFIRE GPU configuration, running them all at a whooping x16 BUS speed! And to spare for your multiple X4 M.2 SSD!

999,00 USD

And finally, its price. The 1950X Threadripper clearly outperforms its Intel equivalent, at a significant lower cost!

In comparison, the i9-7980XE costs more than the double at an expensive 2,000.00 USD.

The i9-7960X, its core equivalent, will cost you 1,699.00 USD

Threadripper 1950X
Features Intel
Core i9-7960X
Core i9-7980XE
Xeon Gold 6150
16 / 32 Cores/Threads 16 / 32 18 / 36 18 / 36
3.4 / 4.0 GHz Base/Turbo 2.8 / 4.2 GHz 2.6 / 4.2 GHz 2.7 / 3.7 GHz
60 PCIe 3.0 Lanes 44 44 44
512 KB/core L2 Cache 1 MB/core 1 MB/core 1 MB/core
32 MB L3 Cache 22 MB 24.75 MB 24.75 MB
180W* TDP 165 W 165W 165W
$999 Price (List) $1699 $1999 $3358


Saying that Intel is in trouble is an understatement. There are very little arguments left for its new X-series CPU family. AMD placed itself as, not only a disruptive force, but also as a new standard when it comes to value / performances.

And it is only the beginning! Many more Threadrippers are coming our way! Starting by the 1900 X (31st Aug. launch), which should bring us exciting performances with an even lower price range.

The only chance for Intel to redeem itself will be with its incoming Coffee Lake / Z370. If they take into account the mistakes they have made with the X CPU line up, they might be able to turn this around.

Buckle up! It’s going to be a long summer!

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